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A Little Bit Dirty Topless Service is the hottest TOPLESS Maid service in California and Florida. There is no other service like ours. We are offering a professional and experienced Topless service.  We employ some of the most beautiful, friendly and down-to-earth girls around.

We provide our customers with the highest level of service available. We are the next level in cleaning and entertainment.

Our mission is to make you look forward to having your house cleaned by one of our beautiful TOPLESS Maids. You live a busy lifestyle, trying to budget your precious and limited time, with work and a social life. Why spend the remaining time you have left cleaning, and performing those much hated housekeeping chores. Sit back and enjoy watching your TOPLESS Maids stretch to reach those high places, or bend to tidy the dirty spots down low.

Regular home cleaning includes the following:

  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • dusting
  • wall hangings
  • dusting window sills
  • cleaning mirrors
  • emptying and removing trash
  • cleaning furniture glass
  • making beds
  • wiping glass
  • entrance doors, inside and out
  • cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including tubs showers
  • countertops
  • sinks
  • toilets
  • cleaning and disinfect kitchens, including countertops sinks
  • tabletops
  • microwaves
  • stove
  • cook tops
  • appliance
  • front spot cleaning

Special cleaning services are also available for an additional charge:

  • wiping interior
  • refrigerator
  • cleaning interior
  • oven
  • washing interior
  • windows washing
  • exterior windows (with some limitations)
  • cleaning interior or exterior kitchen cabinets
  • cleaning interior or exterior bathroom cabinets
  • hand washing woodwork
  • wiping light fixtures
  • wiping mini blinds wiping ceiling fans
  • cleaning wall spots damp
  • wiping baseboards
  • cleaning for special events (before or after)